“12 Incompetent Jurors” Cast

"12 Incompetent Jurors" Cast Announced

As “A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody” closes, on-deck director Clay Nielsen has announced the cast has been selected for ABOB’s next show, “12 Incompetent Jurors” – and it’s a great one!
The cast includes:
Juror 1 (the foreman) – Stephanie Bucci
Juror 2 – Julia Sikora
Juror 3 – Jim Kulko
Juror 4 – Amya Mesa
Juror 5 – David Bucci
Juror 6 – Stella Chambers
Juror 7 – Chris Williams
Juror 8 – Michael Mote
Juror 9 – Michael Orlando
Juror 10 – Olivia Adkins
Juror 11 – John Meranda
Juror 12 – Cari Pocse
The play is a parody of the drama “12 Angry Men,” and follows the adventures of an inept bunch of jurors trying to decide the guilt or innocence of a man caught red-handed stealing kittens.
Thanks to everyone who tried out, and especially those who lost out in the numbers casting game… Keep trying…you’ll get in next time!
Performance dates are April 21-23 and 28-30.

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