Auditions for “A little Murder Never Hurt Anybody” are Sunday and Monday at Arlene’s Broadway on Buffalo, 236 Buffalo St., Conneaut. The Sunday session runs from 5-7 p.m. and the Monday session will be from 6-8 p.m. Director is David Bucci.

The following is a character breakdown for people considering auditioning for the show:

•Matthew Perry (50-60) – A man who from birth has always had more dollars than sense, and is now facing a minor mid-life crisis.

•Julia Perry (50-60) – Matthew’s wife. A classy, intelligent woman who loves her husband, despite his many faults, and is usually a step ahead of him.

•Buttram (40-60) – The butler to the family for many years, though convinced he is better than that. Given to crying jags and has a terrible secret.

•Bunny Perry (25-35) – Matthew and Julia’s sweet, but very dim-witted, daughter.

•Donald (25-35) – Bunny’s fiancé. Very earnest and very much in love with Bunny.

•Plotnik (35-60) – A clueless detective. He thinks of himself as a cynical “Sam Spade-type” gumshoe, but lacks the capability to find, let alone solve, a crime.

Performance dates are March 3-5 and 10-12.

This is an open call audition; no appointments are necessary. All roles are available – nothing has been precast. The audition will consist of readings from the script. The theater will be open from 6-9 p.m. this evening (Jan. 3) and tomorrow (Jan. 4) for people who would like to take a look at the audition material and/or scripts beforehand. In addition, the theater will be open at least an hour before each audition session for people who want to familiarize themselves with the play and the theater.

A synopsis:

“This zany comedy begins on New Year’s Eve at the Perry mansion. Julia and Matthew seem to have it all, but Matthew makes it his New Year’s resolution to murder Julia so he can have more fun, like his friend who recently became a widower. She resolves to stay alive and tells him so. While Julia dodges the murder attempts throughout the course of the year, Perry staff and friends begin dying in droves. Dim-witted daughter Bunny considers calling off her wedding to Donald because there won’t be anyone left to bring gifts. Enter Detective Plotnik, who suspects everyone, but hasn’t a clue.”

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